Canadian Economics Olympiad (CEO)

Canadian Economics Olympiad (CEO) is Canada's premier high-school economics competition and official qualifier for the International Economics Olympiad (IEO). CEO is authorized to select Team Canada for participating in the IEO.

Each country is represented by only one team which consists of no more than five contestants and one or two team leaders.

The Prof. of the University of Ottawa, Yuri Khoroshilov, is the chair of CEO and leader of Team Canada. The CEO is an "inclusive" competition. Participation in the competition is free of charge.

Lorvale Academy is the exclusive educational partner of the CEO in Canada and a sponsor of Team Canada at the International Economics Olympiad. As the Team Canada sponsor, Lorvale Academy is committed to cover Team Canada transportation costs for 2023 and 2024 IEO.

From 2020-2022, the members of "Team Canada" were selected solely based on their performance in Economics Competition of CEO. However, starting in 2023, the selection process for the IEO Team Canada will be based on both the results of the Economics Competition organized by CEO and the Canadian Economics and Business Case Competition organized by Lorvale.

The 2023 International Economics Olympiad is expected to be in-person in Suzhou, China, July 24 - August 2 (venue and dates to be confirmed). Join our email list to receive news and updates.

Canadian Economics And Business Case Competition (CEBCC)

The Canadian Economics and Business Case Competition (CEBCC) is Canada's premier annual high-school business case competition, held in exclusive partnership with the Canadian Economics Olympiad (CEO). Based on the results of the CEBCC and CEO, five members are selected to represent Canada in the International Economics Olympiad (IEO).
Thank you for participating in the 2024 Canadian Economics and Business Case Competition (CEBCC). The final results have been posted online. You may check the result by clicking the above button. The final results of Economics Competition (CEO) are available here. This year Team Canada was selected based on the following criteria: Absolute Winner of CEO, Absolute Winner of CEBCC, 3 more people based on a holistic approach with the most weight given to CEO results and taking into account past IEO performance (if any) and, at a lesser degree, AP exams and Business Case experience. It was a difficult decision since we had several highly qualified students for these 3 spots. Congratulations to the selected Team Canada!

CEBCC Past Competition Cases

Year of 2023

Round 1 CaseRound 2 Case

CEO Preparation Programs

Lorvale provides a series of competition preparation courses to help students complete their studies and better prepare for competition.

ProGram Details

Goals of Canadian Economics Olympiad (CEO)


To further the problem-solving skills of high school students through practice in logical thinking and creative application of general knowledge


To discover, challenge, unite, and reward young people who are exceptionally talented in Economics, Finance, and Business.


To elevate general awareness of the importance of Economics, Finance, and Business.


To encourage friendly relations and understanding among young people interested in Economics, Finance and Business around the Canada.


To create an opportunity to exchange information about school programs and practices.

Past Team Canada Achievement

2023 Team Canada Trophies
the 3rd Place

Daniel  Zhang
St. Robert CHS, ON

Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Oxford

John Demianczuk
St. George's School, BC
Daniel Chen
University Hill SS, BC
Jujian Zou
Markville SS, ON

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Johns Hopkins University

Olivia Kay
Ashbury College, ON

2022 Team Canada Trophies
the 3rd Place

Martin Thaw
Toronto French School. ON
Leo Zhu
Burnaby North SS, BC
Daniel Zihan Chen
University Hill SS. BC
Olivia Kay
Ashbury College, ON
Vikas Nibhanupudi
John McCrae SS, ON

2021 Team Canada Trophies
the 2nd Place

Andy Wei
Markville SS, ON
Andrew Cheng
University of Toronto Schools, ON
Angelina Zheng
St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS, ON
Eric Myzelev
William Lyon Mackenzie CI, ON
Olivia Koroshilov

2020 Team Canada Trophies
the 6th Place

Andy Wei
Markville SS, ON

Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Oxford

Richard Yang
Victoria Park CI, ON
Zhening Li
Sir John A. Macdonald SS, ON
Kevin Wang
Bayview SS, ON

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Johns Hopkins University

Theodore Liu
Richmond Hill HS, ON

Business Case Competition


The 2024 Canadian Economics Olympiad will be conducted in two rounds. Both rounds will be conducted on-line.
The tentative overall timeline of 2024 Business Case Competition is as follows.
Feb 8
Registration open
Apr 3
Registration closed
Apr 6
1st round contest
Apr 12 to 15
Invitation and confirmation for the 2nd round
Apr 20
2nd round contest (by invitation only)
Apr 29
Decision made for all awards of business case competition
Jun & Jul
Award ceremony, preparation for IEO

Student Eligibility

The Business Case Competition is free to participate in and open to anyone who meets all of the following criteria:
  • Student is less than 20 years old;
  • Student must be either (1) Canadian citizen or permanent resident (can live anywhere in the world) or (2) legally live in Canada and attend in-person Canadian school (student visa or similar is accepted);
  • Student must have strong English proficiency (the CEO is currently only offered in English).
Prior economics, finance and business coursework is recommended but not required.

Content & Preparation

Useful literature for
Case Solving
  • The Pyramid Principle, Barbara Minto;
  • Crack the Case, David Ohrvall;
  • The Trusted Advisor, D. Maister, C. Green, R. Galford.
Useful literature for
Data Analysis
  • The McKinsey Way, Ethan Rasiel;
  • Strategic Management, Thompson Strickland;
  • The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge;
  • Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman;
  • Case in Point, Marc Cosentino;
  • BCG on Strategy, C. Stern, M. Deimler.
Useful literature for
  • Say It With Charts, Gene Zelazny;
  • Unfolding the Napkin, Dan Roam;
  • Visualize This, Nathan Yau;
  • The Pyramid Principle, Barbara Minto;
  • Slide:ology, Nancy Duarte

Format & Scoring

Business case competition of CEO is an individual competition and includes the oral presentation of the results. Presentation must be supported by slides. The presentation should be in English.

Business case competition lasts for approximately two days (36 hours) for both 1st round and 2nd round. During the preparation, contestants may use any online and offline materials, but it is prohibited to contact other people for help (including post the business case online to seek for help).

A maximum of nine judges makes up the judging panel at the competition. The judges focus completely on scoring the quality of presentation slides and presentation for each contestant according to the evaluation criteria provided by the competition committee.

Results & Awards

Please refer to the following table for the Results & Awards of 2023 Business Case Competition.
1st Round
Top 10%
Distinguished Honor Roll
What’s Next...
  • Will be invited to participant in the 2ndRound
  • Have their names posted in alphabetical order on CEO and Lorvale’s website
  • Receive award certificate
  • Named “National Finalists” if accept the invitation and participant the 2nd round.
  • Up to 5 best contestants may be given the right to participate in the 2nd round of the CEO exam (if they are placed among the top 25% in the 1st round of CEO of the year).
Top 25%
Honor Roll
What’s Next...
  • Have their names posted in alphabetical order on CEO and Lorvale’s website
  • Receive award certificate.
2nd Round (by invitation only)
Top 1st
Absolute Winner (1st place)
National Finalist
What’s Next...
  • Become the qualifier for Team Canada
Top 2nd and 3rd
2nd place or 3rd place
National Finalist
What’s Next...
  • Receive award certificate
All the remaining contestants
National Finalist
What’s Next...
  • Receive award certificate
*The weighted average of the first and second rounds with weight of 35% and 65%respectively will be used to compute the total scores of National Finalists andto determine the absolute winner.

Congratulation Letter

Ontario Premier Mr. Doug Ford

Markham Mayor, Mr. Frank Scarpitti